Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Being creative with Maths

Today we made necklaces using a sequence. One sequence of 5 beads measures 8 cms. Using this knowledge we had to figure out the length of the necklace.
Here is how we worked it out.

If the length of one sequence is 8 cms, can you work out the lengths of the necklaces in the pictures below?

Reading: Follow up task

Last week we read lots of books on Plants.
Instead of blogging we chose to make folders that we could take home to share with our family for the create bit of our learning. Here are all the things that we had in our folder. We all enjoyed doing the activities.

What is important to me ?

This Term we have been celebrating cultures of people of different ethnicities that make up our class.
As a part of our writing programme, we write about ourselves and here are a few things that we would like to share with you.

Fruit Kebabas

In Room 6 we made fruit kebabs. They are not only healthy, but also very good for learning Maths.
If we have 27 people in the class and each person uses 2 pieces of apple, 3 pieces of chocolate, 2 pieces of grapes and 2 pieces of banana, how many pieces of fruit will we use altogether.

We think the answer is 243... Do you agree?

Learning all about Place Values

This week we have been looking at place values.
We used ice-block sticks, beads and blocks to show a place value of numbers.
It became harder when we had to show place value of numbers in thousands as we did not have enough equipment. So we had to use things like felt tips and pencils too. It was great fun.