Friday, 30 April 2010

Millie - The Dog with Four Senses

Millie is a blind dog. She needs a guide person to help her. She also uses the four senses she has left to help her lead a good life.

Even though Millie can't see she can still hear. She hears all that goes on around her. She is also listening to her guide person telling her where she is going and to look out for things. Sometimes Millie can be walking toward a tree and her guide person will say "careful". This tells Millie that something is around her.

Whenever Millie walks to the park she knows that she is there because she feels the grass under her. As soon as she gets to the entrance she jumps because she knows there is a chain. She will jump even if the chain isn't there.

As strange as it may seem Millie can sense things around her. If she wants to know where her dog friends are she sniffs the air and smells the ground.

Millie can also lick things to know where she is, like her favourite flowers on the driveway.

Millie knows her way around her house and garden. She is able to remember where things are. Millie has a good memory. At the park she has made a mind map of the places she plays at.

Even though Millie is blind, she can still do a lot of things herself. But she does need her guide person to help her and love her.

This report was written by: Crystal, Ofa, Koi, Catalina, Livi and Sione - all of Duder reading group.
The report is based on a true story in 'School Journal Pt1 No1 2005'