Friday, 17 September 2010

Sadness poem

Sadness is a dark grey wall.
It has this dry taste of rotten steak.
When you sniff the air, it's a wet dog running through the house.
When you look out a window, it's a polluted beach.
When you sleep, it's a voice ecohing in your head.
When you're holding the air, there's nothing to hold on to.


by Heaven

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Longer Day

I think Ms Hansell should not make the school day longer.

My class will be too tired to sit on the mat and and to sit at the desks and write. Everyday we will be sleepy and tired. We might not have enough time to sleep and we wont wake up early.

Teachers might be too tired and they might run out of ideas. They will be stressed out and grumpy .They would need to spend time with their own families and they will be too tired just like we will be. Teachers  will need to relax and get ready for tomorrows lessons.

We will need to spend more time with our families and we might miss out on the fun with them. If we miss out on the fun,  our school days will not be cool because when we go back home there will be no one to look after us.!

Ms Hansell, I have written three reasons why we should not make the school days longer. Think very hard about not making the school days longer please.

By Crystal


There's a motorbike on its way to Panmure
As it travels there it drives over manure
Its from the North Shore
Owned by a person I adore.
The motorbike is stunning
Its handle is the colour of the river
Which smells like chicken liver.
I stopped for chopsuey
It was so very, very chewy
Then I saw my old friend Tui.

By Felicity Mei


Happiness is yellow
Its like I'm eating a juicy ice block on a hot day.
Its like flowers and KFC sent from heaven.
Its like a happy family having a picnic together.
Happiness makes me smile.

By Jeffrey



Happiness is a yellow dandelion
Happiness is like a fruju's juice running down my throat
Happiness touches me like angels
Happiness shines bright as treasure
Happiness excites me

By Lika

Happiness Emotion Poem

Happiness is red
Happiness is a cake that you're going to eat with lollies on top
Happiness is like you're going to school
Happiness is like you're on the beach
Happiness is like you're listening to Justin Beiber
Happiness is you're birthday

By Jade