Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Talking about our learning

In Room 6 it is very important to talk about your thinking. 
In everything we learn, we have to tell our friend what we are thinking in our head and sometimes we have to reword or repeat what other people have said. This helps us learn from each other. We use talk moves, which are sentence starters like
  • so you're saying....
  • does anyone have a different view?
  • can you repeat what they have said in your own words?
  • do you agree or disagree? why?
  • tell us more...
We use these prompts to talk about our thinking during learning time.

On top of this, everyday Miss Ashley asks us to tell her at least one thing we have learnt that day. It can be anything! Maths, reading, spelling, a new word, a new strategy, a new concept, a new skill, a social skill, anything! This is so we practice thinking about our thinking (metacognition) and practice talking about our thinking aloud. 

Here are today's "today I learnt....."

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My culture!

 Following on from last week, today we wrote about our cultures and made a poster to show important things of our culture and our country. 

Here are some of Room 6 making their posters

We then presented them and hung them in our classroom for everybody to see!

It is important that we know about our culture as it influences so much of our lives. We are learning about our school values, Manakitanga, Whanaunatanga, Ako, Rangimarie and Tukumarie. By doing this activity, we learnt about each others cultures and so we learnt to show respect to each other, and be tolerant of each others differences. 

Kordell - new words from a story


rhyming word all about max's and joye

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Filling our buckets!

Today Miss Ashley shared with us this video - 

We talked about how we can fill each others buckets and what things dip into other peoples buckets. We referred to yesterday, as we had a huge variety of positive/negative interactions and talked about wether this will fill up or dip into other peoples buckets. 

What a great day we had! 
All of Room 6 was able to tell Miss Ashley things they had done to fill up other peoples buckets at different points throughout the day. 

This is a good way to -

  • remind us that how we act impacts others
  • make us think about what we say and do
  • build positive relationships with our classmates by saying positive things
  • encouraging us to help each other
  • visualise our school values
  • remind us that the off hand comments we might say do have a negative impact on others
Awesome work Room 6! 
You are working very hard to build positive relationships and care for each other.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Cultural Week! (Tuesday)

This week we are having an inquiry into our cultures.

Today we talked about what a culture is, different examples of cultures and what makes up a culture. We then split up into our cultural groups - we have a Tongan group, Samoan group and a Maori group. Our teachers, Mrs Sharma and Miss Ashley, brainstormed their own cultures which are Indian and Kiwi.

Then we presented the important things about our culture to the rest of our class. We did this so we can learn about each others cultures and learn from each other. This is our school value called Ako. 

Tomorrow we are going to use our brainstorms, and all the things we learnt about our own, and others cultures to learn more about ourselves!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Hiria - Fun Picnic Day!

"It's cool!" Shouted Hope T from the water slide. She was happy. On the cool day first we had cold ice creams, also hot sausages and big and small bouncy castles. Then we wet the teachers, they were happy also water fights with the teachers. After we were so happy finding the little bees. When we had to sit down then we had to pick up bits of the water balloons and also cans. After we sat by our bags also we had to go to our family to go home. They were happy about the fun day also happy at us. Then were talking about it. 
It was very great!
By Hiria

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Auckland - Fun Picnic Day

"Its soooo cool!" yelled Timote. Its the coolest school day ever. The fun day was cool because we played volley, had three bouncy castles like a house, games and a slide. On the fun day I went on the slide, it was very slippery. I felt soapy because they add soap. We ate ice blocks and a sausage. It was nice. My favourite thing about the fun day was wetting all the teachers and the other students. And the last thing was making beautiful patterns like a flower.
by Auckland

Alyssa - Fun Picnic Day!

"whooooo" this is the best day of my life!" shouted Hope L. Me and Hope L was having fun with each other. My favourite part was when all the kids was wetting the teachers. When I wet Miss Ashley she was so cold, happy and so excited that I wet her. But Hope L's favourite part was when she went down the slippery slide. When we went on the bouncy castle, had ice blocks and sausages We were playing water fights with the kids and teachers. But the best part was when we were respecting the kids and teachers on our fun day. Miss Kelly said we are going to have fun because we missed our on the pool day.  It was amazing. On Thursday, I loved the slip and slide, bouncy castle and playing water fight, having ice blocks, tree walk and bumble bee hunt, sponge run and sausages. It is a beautiful day on Thursday. On Thursday there was a big, cool and handsome kids and teachers on the fun day. But on Thursday, kids was soo sooo sooo amazing. On Thursday, all the kids outside, they were so cool, so smart, so happy, so excited and so brave. When we were playing on the bouncy castle. We were taking risks of each other and taking turns with each other. We dreamt big to look after each other and it was as fun as a Funday, as cool as a cool day, as brave as they were are brave.
By Alyssa

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Tuakana Teina!

Today was Tuakana Teina day, where we spent the day with out buddy class. 
We spent all day building positive relationships with our buddies and getting lots of learning done. They even helped us write our first draft of our 'all about me' text, which we will put on our blogs when we get them. At the end of the day, our buddy class, some year 7 and 8 students from room 10, took us out to play soccer. 
We wanted to practice listening to the rules, playing as a team and being fair. We also wanted to have a bit of fun!

Thank you to Ameila, who is one of our school leaders, for running and refereeing our soccer game!

Milan - Fun Picnic Day

I can do this. I need someone to go first! Shouted Miss Manuyag. Everyone put their hands up. Miss Manuyag picked the one who was at the front of the line. He ran as fast as he could, it was cool. Then it was Miss Manuyag's turn and she ran up with a tremendous slip. It was a blast! I loved the fun day!
By Milan

Falakika - Fun Picnic Day!

"Its so exciting!" shouted Hope L from the other side of the bumble bee hunt. There was such a huge line to the slide down the watery slippery wet slide. I was looking after Mrs Manyanne's baby dog. It was fun looking after Kalalila the whole time, I only went on the bouncey castle once then thats when I started looking after Kalila. When myself and Kalila went to where our bags were, there was Stanley's aunty with a big black dog that was trying to come to me and Kalila. Kalila was trying to run to it and bark at the same time. I heard from Caleb that Mrs Manyann' went down the slide, but the first time she stopped then the second time she didn't stop. Mrs Maryanne got wet and Kalila is cute, small, fast and likes to jump. At the end of the lovely fun day we were all happy and some of us were exhausted.
By Falakika

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hope L - Fun Picnic Day

"This is so exciting!" shouted Alyssa from the other side of me and I screamed out loud and said, "this is so amazing!". Then Angel told me to go with her on the slide and then Angel was at the front of the line then she went to the slide then it was my turn to slide then I waited for the teacher to tell me to go. I got wet from the hose then I went at the back of the line then Angel said I could go at the back of her then we went to the sand and we were looking for some bees then w went to the big cool bouncy castle and then she went back to the awesome slippery slide but I went to play the game called the amazing spongebob squeeze game. Then the cool fun day was finished and then the kids that got wet went to change in the toilets then the bell rang and we were still changing then when we were finished changing, we got out of the toilets and one of the boys told us that the bell went and then they all went outside and I went to get my lunch and my drink bottle and I went outisde and said goodbye to Alyssa and she said by to me. I went into the car and it was messy and dirty then we went home happy. We changed then played outside until my dad came home. Then it was getting darker then we need to go inside and eat then we went sleep and it was nice and warm. 
by Hope L