Thursday, 3 March 2016

Alyssa - Fun Picnic Day!

"whooooo" this is the best day of my life!" shouted Hope L. Me and Hope L was having fun with each other. My favourite part was when all the kids was wetting the teachers. When I wet Miss Ashley she was so cold, happy and so excited that I wet her. But Hope L's favourite part was when she went down the slippery slide. When we went on the bouncy castle, had ice blocks and sausages We were playing water fights with the kids and teachers. But the best part was when we were respecting the kids and teachers on our fun day. Miss Kelly said we are going to have fun because we missed our on the pool day.  It was amazing. On Thursday, I loved the slip and slide, bouncy castle and playing water fight, having ice blocks, tree walk and bumble bee hunt, sponge run and sausages. It is a beautiful day on Thursday. On Thursday there was a big, cool and handsome kids and teachers on the fun day. But on Thursday, kids was soo sooo sooo amazing. On Thursday, all the kids outside, they were so cool, so smart, so happy, so excited and so brave. When we were playing on the bouncy castle. We were taking risks of each other and taking turns with each other. We dreamt big to look after each other and it was as fun as a Funday, as cool as a cool day, as brave as they were are brave.
By Alyssa

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