Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Filling our buckets!

Today Miss Ashley shared with us this video - 

We talked about how we can fill each others buckets and what things dip into other peoples buckets. We referred to yesterday, as we had a huge variety of positive/negative interactions and talked about wether this will fill up or dip into other peoples buckets. 

What a great day we had! 
All of Room 6 was able to tell Miss Ashley things they had done to fill up other peoples buckets at different points throughout the day. 

This is a good way to -

  • remind us that how we act impacts others
  • make us think about what we say and do
  • build positive relationships with our classmates by saying positive things
  • encouraging us to help each other
  • visualise our school values
  • remind us that the off hand comments we might say do have a negative impact on others
Awesome work Room 6! 
You are working very hard to build positive relationships and care for each other.

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