Monday, 25 August 2014

Re'Al and Willie's Ocean Life Legend

We created legends based on a feature of a sea creature we were interested in.
This is Willie and Re'Al's legend about how the special connection between dolphins and humans began.

Why Dolphins Have Good Connections with Humans.

Long long  ago in the ancient island of Hawaii live an handsome boy named Taniwha. Taniwha  had a secret. He had a good connection with a dolphins.

One day while Taniwha and a dolphin were swimming where the sharks lived. While they were passing the sharks, one  shark woke up and tried to attack Taniwha for his prey. But the dolphin managed to whack the shark in the head. The shark was angry and ripped the dolphin’s tail off and disappeared with it!
The dolphin sacrificed his tail for Taniwha’s life.

Tangaroa is the God of the sea. He saw what happened and was proud of  the dolphin. He banished the shark and gave the dolphin another tail.

Since that day dolphins have always had good connection with humans.


  1. Great retelling, Willie and Re'Al, I love your choice of illustration. Remember to proof read your work before it is published on the blog.

  2. Hi Re'Al and Willie,
    I really like your story as it seems the morale is: Some sacrifices are worth it in the end.
    Keep up the good work


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