Friday, 5 February 2016

Narrative writing

This week we have been writing about when we met a Gruffalo
Here is Alyssa's imaginative story.

When I met a Gruffalo

Once when I was strolling through the woods, I saw a giant Guffalo. It looked like a bear. It had orange eyes and they looked like fire. It had a black tongue that looked like a swirly snake. The giant Grufflao had purple prickles all over his back. It looked very grumpy and I was scared.
I looked straight into his eyes and screamed “ Help help! I am going to get eaten by a Gruffalo”. I thought quickly… And I called the animal control. I was so terrified that I shouted out loud and started to cry, but no one was there. The Gruffalo was following me in the woods.

The animal control came in five minutes and they got a big net. They grabbed the Gruffalo in the net and put him in a big truck. Then they took the Gruffalo to the zoo. Some time later I heard on the radio  that they have a new creature at the zoo and everyone went to the zoo to see ‘The Gruffalo’

By Alyssa

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