Wednesday, 6 April 2016

WALT talk about our thinking

In Room 6, we have to talk about our thinking. 
In maths, first we do number talks. This is where we talk about a number. Today we did the number 24. 
We work in small groups to think and talk about all the things we know about that number. Then our teacher will get us to share our ideas and write them on the board. Here is our ideas from today.

Then our teacher will launch the problem. This means she will give us a problem and we have to think about how to solve it. Our teachers always say this is 'independant think time' because we have to think just by ourselves. We write our thinking down in our books.

This was our question from today

Then our teacher will get us to share our ideas and we take turns. We have to explain to our class what thinking we did and so how we got our answer. Our teacher writes it on the board for us.

In our class, we don't laugh at people who make mistakes. We help them fix them, and we learn from each other. 
Here you can see that Joshua did one way, Saia (and others) did another way, and Auckland did another way. Since we talked about our thinking, we could learn from each others different ways to solve the problem and help each other learn the fastest and best way to solve it.

Miss Ashley was very happy with Saia, because he said "I almost did Auckland's way". This means he knows that what he did and could talk about it, and he understood the strategy Auckland used as well, and could think about the differences between the two. 

Awesome thinking Room 6!


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  2. Hi the learning problem of 24 it was so challenging it was a little bit esla but challenging.`\

  3. hi room 6 i love your learning

  4. Hi room6, I love the way you all tried your best on maths and I also love it how you shared with everyone your thinking.


  5. hopeL keep trying your best. the maths is not so so so so good can you try your best

  6. Hi room 6 i love your work and you are trying you best and learning and kept it up and also like your thinking.

  7. hi room 6 i love your work and how you are working hard i cool your are learning kept it up on your work.

  8. I like your photos of your strategy.


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