Friday, 1 April 2016

Water campaign!

Throughout Term 1, Room 6 has talked a lot about how important it is to drink water.

We started by investigating the uses of water,
then we looked at why water is important for your body.
See some student examples below...

We learnt more about water through this song here -

We are going to do two things to finish off our water campaign, which is 1) to make posters and put them around the school to teach others about the importance of drinking water, and 2) we are going to try and make a movie about drinking water!
Here are some photos that we have taken which will be in our movie- 

This is so we can share our knowledge and passion with our school and community! 


  1. Hi my name is saia I love how you did aukland drinking water because so we can put it around the school so people can bring water bottle to school.

  2. i like your water boils at school,Room 6

  3. i love that you have water bottles in your class to be healthy.

  4. i love the way you put up the photos on the blog to tale them that they are healthy for everyone


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