Friday, 28 November 2008


What is edible garden?

Edible garden is a garden planted with veggies to make us healthy and smart kids!

What is in the garden?

In the garden there are yummy and crunchy:

✔ Lettuce

✔ Broccoli
✔ Celery
✔ Beans
✔ Peas
✔ Tomatoes
✔ Silver beet.

How to look after the garden?

Every morning we water the garden before the sun gets really hot otherwise the heat of the sun will burn up the plants and they will not grow but die. It is very important to water the plant at the root not leaves because the leaves might burn.

When the veggies are growing the weeds also grows. Weeds are enemy and it is just like grass growing. At lunch times we do weeding because the root of the weeds might get in the way and destroy the veggies.

What do we use the garden for?

We use our garden for our school lunch orders and to take home to eat. Edible means, “It can be eaten”. For example we put our lettuce in our delicious burgers.

What do I learn?

I learn how to water the garden and how to weed. I know which vegetables to pick. I know how to look after the plant and the plant knows how to look after my body when I eat them! I also learn how to eat healthy food!

So kids if you want to be smart and pretty like me you better eat your veggies!

By Leili

Information report on The Water Cycle.

The Water Cycle

Our water is found in Streams, Rivers, Lakes and the Ocean.

There are main 4 stages in the water Cycle. The 1st is called Evaporation. This happens when, bits of Vapor from the lakes , streams , oceans or rivers go up to form clouds.

The 2nd stage is called Condensation. During this stage in the cycle, the bits of vapor that went up to the sky and formed the clouds.

The 3rd stage is Precipitation in this stage after the clouds are formed all the water vapor goes back down.

The final stage of the water cycle is called collection. It is called collection because it forms the lakes streams rivers where ever you can find water.

By Isaiah Ransfield

Thursday, 11 September 2008

A Nice Scary Man.

Once there lived a girl named Kalsy. Kalsy lived with her mum and dad. One warm day Kalsy went out for a walk through the city to buy some meat for dinner. Then suddenly she saw a man walking through the city as well.

Kalsy felt really scared so she ran off into the shop and bought the meat. The big tough man had a lot of tattoos he looked really scary. When Kalsy got what she wanted she headed off, but she dropped her necklace from her pocket and never got it back. So he took it to her and she said thank you and he was a good friend to them.

Message: Don’t judge by what you see in people.

A Fable By Picilla

Room 6's School Assembly Item


Meerkats are part of the mongoose family. When Jackals and Eagles are hungry Meerkats huddle together to stay safe and protected. Their scientific name is Suricat Surrcatta but the name meerkat means lake cat in Afrikaans.

Meerkats have strong and short legs. Meerkats has a long skinny body and they stand straight on their strong legs. Meerkats have small tiny nostrils. Meerkats has a slim back. Meerkats have small tiny head. It looks like this.

Meerkats like to eat scorpions. Meerkats bite of the tail then the meerkats eat them. Meerkats love to hunt snakes. Meerkats sneak to find their food, they hunt for plants, fruit or they get it.

Meerkats live in hot places. Meerkats live in the Southern Africa. Meerkats live in Kalahari Desert. Meerkats live in packs up to 40 Meerkats. Meerkats live in dry places. Meerkats live on sand.

A Meerkat walks fast because if an animal who’s the Meerkats predator will catch them. The Meerkats predator is Jackals and Eagles.

Meerkats do not like to walk anywhere alone because the Jackal will catch them and gobble them up that’s why Meerkats stay in large packs.

Did you know that Meerkats don’t like the rain, and did you know that they don’t like dark as well.

By Lana Pulepule

Meerkats are part of the Mongoose Family. When Jackals and Eagles are hungry Meerkats huddle together to stay protected. Their scientific name is succinct or surricatta but the Meerkat name means “ lake cat”.

Meerkats have short legs and pointy faces. On their faces they have black patches. Did you know they have a long striped and slim tail. Meerkats have stripes on their backs. They are as small as a shoe box which should be 12 inches. A Meerkat looks like this.

As strange as it may seem that Meerkats eat Scorpions , Beetles , Termites , eggs and , things. They actually bite off the Scorpions tail with their teeth before eating them. They even eat snakes! Meerkats dig holes for their food.

Meerkats live in Kalahari Desert where there is dry sand. As you can see Meerkats live in South Africa where there is water (Meerkats hate getting wet!). They love living in hot places.

Did you know that Meerkats are hard working. They work hard to look after other Meerkats. They always dig.

Finally did you know that Meerkats do not like being alone and they live in groups of up to forty. They also scare of their predators by grouping together and making a barking noise.

By Leili Bender