Sunday, 21 August 2011


Be Aware! Be Prepared! - Volcanic Eruption

Flood - Are You Prepared?

Earthquake - Are you prepared?

Are you prepare? 
How do you stay safe when there an Earthquake hits your town?
Press play to find out!


Be aware! Be prepared! - Tsunami

Do yo know what causes a Tsunami? 
How do you stay safe when there is a Tsunami? 
Press play to find out how you can stay safe during a tsunami!

Ms Motuga helped us put this movie together. Ms Motuga taught us a new filming skill called 'blue/green screen'. We had fun putting this movie together. We hope you enjoy our movie. From the Tsunami group in Room 6.

Friday, 1 April 2011

My Hero.

Once upon a time there lived a hero named Puss in Boots.  He was the best cat living in New Zealand. One day he had to complete a mission. His mission was to find a lost treasure in a dark, dark cave.

He came to the cave. It was a fox's cave. Puss in Boots saw 24 foxes. The leader was named Bad Eye. His helper was called Red Eye.

Puss in Boots took out his sword and got ready to fight.  He attacked the foxes. All the foxes stopped and decided to give him the treasure instead.

Puss in Boots went back to his house with the treasure and to eat his dinner of yummy cat food. Puss in Boots loved his cat food and home was where his bed was too.

by Tanisslous

Report on Zone Swimming

On Tuesday 29 March the swimming group went to Sacred Heart College to compete at the Zone Swimming.

I enjoyed myself. I entered the backstroke and won my race. I also had the fastest lap time of anybody in the backstroke. I couldn't compete in the final however, because my leg was sore.

It was the first time the school had entered the Zone Swimming and we all had a great time. I thought that it was a cool and amazing day.

I would really like to go to next years Zone Swimming.

by Apiseka          

Me, Myself and I

I will tell you all the things  I do.

I want everyone to know that I am one beautiful, Tongan girl who has nice dark brown, sparkly eyes. I also have  fabulous skin.

I just want everybody to know that I am cool and amazing. I play sport at home. I like riding my bike and playing with my brother. I love playing netball.

I am one outstanding student in class. Also, I am the oldest girl in my family.

I want everyone to know that I feel happy all the time and sometimes I am spoilt by my mum and my cousin.

And lastly I want people to know I have a beautiful Principal at T.P.S.

by Malia

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Me, Myself and I

I always do the cleaning around the house and sometimes I get tired.

I want people to know that I have shiny back-to-front teeth. I have black hair, light brown eyes, I sometimes wear pants and sometimes shorts. I am skinny with big ears. I am tall with tan skin.

I sometimes feel sad, usually happy, left out, frustrated, angry, crazy, spoilt, nervous, lazy and strange.

At home I say 'what', 'hey', 'huh', 'mmm', 'umm' and at school, 'Mister' and 'pardon'.

I watch television, clean the house, do some exercises, go to school, say a karakia, yawn too much, have a staring contest and sometimes just do nothing.

By Willy.


There was an earthquake in Japan. Some people were on a rocking boat, and the tree was shaking. The water was coming and going, and the man was scared.        

by Loni

Me, Myself and I

I really want people to know that I am a really spoilt girl. My nana spoils me rotten.

I really want people to know that I have black short curly hair. I have dark brown skin and a lot of birth marks.

I feel that I am bright because I work hard at my lessons and I am in the top groups in the class.

I want people to know that I am so sporty. I play lots of sports. I climb up the rock wall and I run every day.

This is what I say a lot of... 'umm', 'hey', 'said', 'mum', and 'dad'.

by Hine

Me, Myself and I

I  am an awesome, sporty girl.
I have dark, black hair. It is super long so that when I sit in the pools my hair can touch the bottom.
My hair is important to me because it makes me look cool.

The thing I really like to do is to play netball because it gives me time to spend with my friends.

I always say 'um' and 'you know'.

I am super happy because I have a great family and a great, good looking teacher and also good friends to play with.

by Lavinia