Thursday, 31 March 2011

Me, Myself and I

I always do the cleaning around the house and sometimes I get tired.

I want people to know that I have shiny back-to-front teeth. I have black hair, light brown eyes, I sometimes wear pants and sometimes shorts. I am skinny with big ears. I am tall with tan skin.

I sometimes feel sad, usually happy, left out, frustrated, angry, crazy, spoilt, nervous, lazy and strange.

At home I say 'what', 'hey', 'huh', 'mmm', 'umm' and at school, 'Mister' and 'pardon'.

I watch television, clean the house, do some exercises, go to school, say a karakia, yawn too much, have a staring contest and sometimes just do nothing.

By Willy.


There was an earthquake in Japan. Some people were on a rocking boat, and the tree was shaking. The water was coming and going, and the man was scared.        

by Loni

Me, Myself and I

I really want people to know that I am a really spoilt girl. My nana spoils me rotten.

I really want people to know that I have black short curly hair. I have dark brown skin and a lot of birth marks.

I feel that I am bright because I work hard at my lessons and I am in the top groups in the class.

I want people to know that I am so sporty. I play lots of sports. I climb up the rock wall and I run every day.

This is what I say a lot of... 'umm', 'hey', 'said', 'mum', and 'dad'.

by Hine

Me, Myself and I

I  am an awesome, sporty girl.
I have dark, black hair. It is super long so that when I sit in the pools my hair can touch the bottom.
My hair is important to me because it makes me look cool.

The thing I really like to do is to play netball because it gives me time to spend with my friends.

I always say 'um' and 'you know'.

I am super happy because I have a great family and a great, good looking teacher and also good friends to play with.

by Lavinia