Tuesday, 31 May 2016

WALT look at our digital footprint for one school day

As part of our cybersmart studies, we are learning about our digital footprint. This week we looked at where we went on the internet in one school day, then we made a diagram to show where we went.



Isaia -
today I went to my drive and then Emails and then my blog and then my site and then went back to my drive and then back to my site and then to my E- asttle.



Monday, 30 May 2016


Today this morning my class was going to do a math test on our netbook.We could not do that because most of the class could not get onto the math test.Then we had to do our reading.We done our reading about mara that is a garden.

Hi Syraiah-lee, awesome work! You listened to instructions, worked very hard and didn't get distracted by others to complete this work so fast. Can you go back and add the pictures to show the meaning of the different Maori words, it will help people have a better understanding of what you are talking about. Miss Ashley

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Isaia - WALT find verbs in a story we read

Hi Isaia, I like how you have identified the verbs from the story and you have explained what it meant. This shows that you understand what verbs are and how to find them. WALT achieved!
Miss Ashley

Maria - WALT identify verbs

Awesome work Maria. You have answered questions, identified verbs from the story, explained what a verb is and reflected on the prediction you made about the book. Miss Ashley

Dziah - telling the time

Screenshot 2016-05-25 at 10.59.59.png

This is a clock time  it tells you

how to tell the time everyday when you are talking about it. The  black things are hands. The point to any number. And we are learning how to tell the time. the long hand is pointing to 10 and 2 that means it is 10 to 2.

I love how you have explained what the time is on this picture Dziah, it really shows you have learnt how to tell the time.
Miss Ashley

Friday, 20 May 2016

Water Campaign!

Throughout Term 1, Room 6 has done lots of learning around water. 

We learnt why it is important to drink water everyday, how it helps you learn, how we use water in our everyday lives, what other people use water for etc.

Check out what we did below!

  R6/T1/2016 Inquiry - Water! from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Kordell - My birthday

It was Kordell's birthday.
How old are you going to be? 9! and I can't wait.
My nan made a cake for me and everyone and cookies for all of us. I like the cake the most.
I played tag and hide and go seek and I had fun.
I have heaps of dogs and their names are Luce and Louis and Russell and Carol and Lola and Poppet. We had a pinata. I whacked a pinata and out came chocolate.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Joshua - Jenny and the faeries

One day dare was a girl named jenny and she was hiding from her friends and she found a door  that looked like a cave and she found a key and she unlocked the door and she saw a world full of faeries
And hided and she saw a cassell and she saw a red faerie and jenny ran and there was lots and lots of faeries
Screenshot 2016-05-17 at 12.30.02.png

Hi Joshua, what an interesting story! I like how you have used some powerful words like "she saw a world full of faeries". Have you double checked that you have full stops and capital letters in the right places?
Miss Ashley

Friday, 13 May 2016

Alyssa - WALT write about our cultures

Tuna had a magic korokoro.He bounced out of the lack over alaman rd  over  tamaki primary school over tripoli rd and on to benghazi rd. Tuna jumped in to alyssa’s house tuna opened his waha wide Alyssa grabbed a pio from tuna’s korokoro and then alyssa began to dance after that tuna went  back to the lack

The next day tuna bounced out of the lack over alaman rd  over  tamaki primary school over tripoli rd and on to benghazi rd.  Tuna bounced into alyssa’s whare and opened his waha wide.Alyssa grabbed a piupiu from tuna and started to kanikani alyssa kanikani all day and all night.
Image result for haka dance little boys

Thank you for reading my story i hoped you enjoyed my amazing story.

Awesome story Alyssa! I love how you have added detail to your story, like "Alyssa began to kanikani, she kanikanied all night long." This shows you have been thinking about your story and reading it back to check it makes sense as well.
Awesome. I am going to post this on the class blog.
Miss Ashley

Hope T - New Words week 2

Hi Hope, I love how you have answered the third question on slide 3. 
It shows me you have been thinking deeply about what we have learning and talking about in class about our own cultures. Awesome work!
Miss Ashley

Syraiah-Lee - WALT talk about my culture

WALT talk about my culture.

Tuna bounced into syraiahlee’s fale and tuna opened his gutu  wide.Syraiahlee  reached in and grabbed a lavalava.She put on the lavalava and began to siva.

Hi Syraiah-Lee, I love how you have put in your Samoan words for house, mouth, dance and you have named your item in Samoan as well. What an awesome way to show your cultural connection to this story!
Miss Ashley

Monday, 9 May 2016

Hiria - At morning tea

At morning tea me and my best friend hope.t we were playing tag it was great we were having fun playing tag it was amazing then she tag me then  i had   to run after her around the big play ground i go very tired then we had a long break to rest after we got back to our favourite game it was got super good. Then the bell rang after me and hope.t rushed to class fast.

Hi Hiria, I like how you have added powerful words to your story like amazing, a long break, bug play ground, very tired. rushed to class. It makes your story more interesting.Miss Ashley

Hope T - At my aunts house

At my auntys house i went to the movies we watched was stuart little 2 with the mum Dub the little boy and the mouse when my aunty watched it she  side that movie was funny because  when the mouse turns into a cat and the cat turns into a mouse and the food that they ate was yum because! Then we went to eat and we ate mcDonalds then we went to the zoo. It was cool we saw a boy with a super hero costume.  We took for long  and my papa was waiting for me to go home.

I got tired and it was fun.

Hi Hope, I like you how you have added detail to your story like I suggested. You added what you ate for lunch (McDonalds). And you have corrected all your spelling mistakes! 
Well done.
Your next step is to remember to put your full stops and capital letters in the right places.
Miss Ashley

Timote - The imagination

The imagination is the secret you put in there.
The imagination is your thinking place.
The imagination is like your dream.
The imagination is your mind.
The imagination is like your future.

The imagination is your own positive thinking.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hiria - Digital Citizens

Hope L - Open and Closed Questions

i took a video and  i  talked about  the open and closed questions and i am learning to use open and close question and i wrote what does meditation means and if julia donaldson is a lady or a man and she is a lady and that rangimarie means peace and ako represents learning and teaching. 

Hope T - Digital Citizens

Hope L - Digital Citizen

Auckland - digital citizen

WALT to understand what it means to be a Digital Citizen

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

WALT think about our maths thinking

The whole of term 1 we talked everyday about sharing our thinking so we can help each other learn.
At first Room 6 was very shy to talk about our thinking, but we practice every single day so we can get better and more confident to share our ideas.

Today for maths Miss Ashley told us we had to think hard about how we were thinking. 

Miss Ashley showed us this picture for 5 seconds only, then she took it away. Then she asked us what we saw.. most students said "dots", but Miss Ashley asked us what shape we saw the dots in.

She was trying to get us to think about how we saw the dots, how it looked in our head.

Milan was the first person to share his thinking, and he said he saw the dots in the shape of a hexagon, with one dot left in the middle. Once one person started to share their thinking, EVERYBODY started to share their thinking.

Here is how we thought about and saw the dots.


Miss Ashley was so proud of Room 6, because EVERY student shared their maths thinking today.
Keep it up Room 6!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sosaia - The cherry tree

Today we lernt how to make a cery tree.
Step 1.We had to kula blue die then we had to leave a sbase for the grase.
Step 2. Miss shamer put perper die on the paper then we got strose then we ploned the die then we made a tree.
step 3 .Then miss shamer micks red and white then it made pink then we put the pink and red on our brugis.
Step 4.We just let it to gruie.
By saia,thank you for lising.