Tuesday, 18 August 2009


On Friday morning, two weeks ago, after we had cross-country. The senior syndicate waited outside for the juniors to come out. When I saw the helicopter flying around the school, I didn’t think anything of it, but I was very surprised when it landed on our school field. When it came down and landed it felt like an umbrella blowing away across the field.

Next the men got out of the helicopter and told us about themselves and all about the helicopter. The blades up the top of it are the wing that make the helicopter balance and fly, and the blades at the back on the tail make the nose go from side to side. The whole school were listening and asking questions too. The helicopter was blue and huge, and their names are Eagle 1 and Eagle 2.

Then the helicopter had to go and it flew away and we all went back to our classroom to learn new things.

By Mona

Helicopter Visit


A couple of weeks ago after assembly, we all went outside to do cross-country, to get fit. After our run we did some stretches. Then we all lined up by the friendship seats.

We saw some police come to the school. This made me feel nervous as I thought there had been a robbery. Then I saw all the teachers with cameras, and I looked up and saw a helicopter. It landed on our field and I was really excited and so was every body else. We were all asking lots of questions about the helicopter.

Then after it took off we had to go back to class and we did lots of talking about the helicopter and wrote down as many facts as we could remember.

By Peni

Monday, 17 August 2009

Sione tells about the Helicopter Visit

The other week after assembly the juniors went back to their class and the seniors went for a run around the field for a little while. Next we had to line up at the grass, when suddenly a helicopter appeared but we thought that it was just flying around and it would go away.
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The other Friday after assembly we all went outside and we saw a huge helicopter flying in the air. We did not know that the helicopter was going to land. It flew around and around and I thought it was going to crash, but It landed in our field. I was excited because that was the first time I had seen a helicopter that close. It was a big blue one and it had Police on the side.

We had to stay in our class lines and the whole school moved nearer to the helicopter and made a circle around it. The man talked to us a bit about it and then we were allowed to ask questions. It had only five seats, it has a laptop so they can look at maps to find where they are going. Its big blades on the top are what lift it up. The light was small but it was as powerful as 40 million candles, that can light up a whole football field.

We took some photos of the helicopter and we were able to have a look around the outside of it. Then it was time for it to go. We all stood back by the trees and waited for it to fly away.

I can’t believe I saw a helicopter that close. I was so nervous. When it flew away it looked really small.

By Sale

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Information Report by Aaron

I have written an information report on Tigers.
By Aaron

Dakota's Information Report

We are learning to write an information report.
We are writing about mammals.
I chose to write about bears.
By Dakota