Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Yesterday November 16th we went to the Tip Top factory to find out about marvellous machines. There are cool machines with pipes and containers. They would put lollies in a  machine, then the machine would mix it in the ice-cream. The Homogeniser machine punched the three ingredients that make the ice-cream soft. The three main ingredients are sugar, milk and cream.

The Pasteuriser machine takes all the bacteria that's in the ice-cream out by making it hot and in seconds freezing it. They will put it in the fridge for 12 hours.

Then the flavours are mixed in the ice-cream. The ice-cream goes through the pipes and then it mixes it up with the flavours.

It was time for ice-cream. We went into a room and watched a movie. “Wow!” We were eating our ice-cream.

By Arapeta

Friday, 17 September 2010

Sadness poem

Sadness is a dark grey wall.
It has this dry taste of rotten steak.
When you sniff the air, it's a wet dog running through the house.
When you look out a window, it's a polluted beach.
When you sleep, it's a voice ecohing in your head.
When you're holding the air, there's nothing to hold on to.


by Heaven

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Longer Day

I think Ms Hansell should not make the school day longer.

My class will be too tired to sit on the mat and and to sit at the desks and write. Everyday we will be sleepy and tired. We might not have enough time to sleep and we wont wake up early.

Teachers might be too tired and they might run out of ideas. They will be stressed out and grumpy .They would need to spend time with their own families and they will be too tired just like we will be. Teachers  will need to relax and get ready for tomorrows lessons.

We will need to spend more time with our families and we might miss out on the fun with them. If we miss out on the fun,  our school days will not be cool because when we go back home there will be no one to look after us.!

Ms Hansell, I have written three reasons why we should not make the school days longer. Think very hard about not making the school days longer please.

By Crystal


There's a motorbike on its way to Panmure
As it travels there it drives over manure
Its from the North Shore
Owned by a person I adore.
The motorbike is stunning
Its handle is the colour of the river
Which smells like chicken liver.
I stopped for chopsuey
It was so very, very chewy
Then I saw my old friend Tui.

By Felicity Mei


Happiness is yellow
Its like I'm eating a juicy ice block on a hot day.
Its like flowers and KFC sent from heaven.
Its like a happy family having a picnic together.
Happiness makes me smile.

By Jeffrey



Happiness is a yellow dandelion
Happiness is like a fruju's juice running down my throat
Happiness touches me like angels
Happiness shines bright as treasure
Happiness excites me

By Lika

Happiness Emotion Poem

Happiness is red
Happiness is a cake that you're going to eat with lollies on top
Happiness is like you're going to school
Happiness is like you're on the beach
Happiness is like you're listening to Justin Beiber
Happiness is you're birthday

By Jade

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Machine Poem.

I have an MP3 player
That plays songs for me.
I put it on loud
It vibrates the ground
It cracks my mirror and my glass too.

I have the very best songs
They are very long.
My favourite song is the whole cd
Where would I be without my MP3?.
Doing my homework. Boring!

By Teresa-Mae

Machine Poem

There was a motorbike in Panmure
That runs on pig manure
And it drives with two wheels
And it feels like it's on my heels!

But when it crashes it still drove
And it felt like it was on the stove
But everyone thinks it's cool
But I think it's just old school.
By Ebenezzer

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dunkirk Wharf

it was time to go to the dunkirk wharf
i don't know why but I felt like a dwarf
it seems everyone around me is just too tall
so then again i thought i was small

time was ticking as we walked by
did i think we were going to die
everyone walked with their heads bowed down
next minute you see that they've grown a frown

lower our rods into the water
then i pull a fish that's a quarter
throw it back that's that
find my dad sitting back

finishing up that was fun
can't wait to get back so i started to run

by celeste

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Happiness Emotion Poem

Yellow is happiness
Happiness is as bright as the sun
Happiness has the flavour of lightly cooked scrambled eggs
Yellow has the aroma of gas
Happiness is as loud as childrens laughter
Happiness is the beautiful vibrant sun
Happiness makes me smile on the inside
Happiness is good

By Crystal

Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Day out on a Fishing Boat

On Saturday the 14th of August a man named Christopher Wilde and his girlfriend Jessica Olsan,
went out on a fishing trip to the sea. They were both happy. The day was brilliant, but then drips of rain poured down with anger. The weather had gone from brilliant to terrible.

They were traveling at 21 knots. But then they heard a big clutter. As they walked to the back of the boat they noticed that the motor had disappeared. They were passed the lifeguard flags. They were beyond the middle of the ocean, heading for disaster. The sign read DANGER BEWARE!!!!.

The boat was swaying from left to right. Luckily Jessica had dialed the Westpac helicopter rescue.They were on their way. As soon as they arrived one of the crew members safely got down on a rope. He held Jessica and the other crew members pulled up the rope. The helicopter was trying to keep its balance but the rain kept on smashing into the helicopter. Now that Jessica was saved she was crying really hard. Then one of the crew members went back down to get Christopher.

They were both safe in the helicopter. The boat crashed into huge rocks. The helicopter went back to the helicopter base. They both thanked the helicopter members for their kind help.

A few days later they returned to the helicopter base and thanked their rescuers. They gave them red and yellow flowers and a large box of chocolates.

By Ofa

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Fisherman's Tale

Once upon a tale an old man and his son went fishing and caught the biggest fish ever. It pulled them into the water.

They couldn't breathe. Sharks circled around them getting ready to attack. Suddenly an octopus's tentacles rushed through the water and grabbed them. Their eyes were gloomy with fear. Then a helicopter rose from out of the distance.

The octopus swam away leaving the old man and his son in the water. The helicopter saw them. The sharks swam away.

The helicopter picked them up and took them back to shore, where they went back home.

by Sione

A day out on a Fishing Boat.

I woke up near the window and saw the bright sun reflecting its power onto earth. As Mercury made its way down onto my face it was almost like we were greeting each other in Maori.
So I got up and got ready. I am the second oldest in the family, which means I have to help out my mum or my cousins.
"Darling you're going fishing with your cousins. ' Kay!" yelled my mum.
"Okay then mum," I sighed.

We  hopped into the boat and off we went to the sea. We stopped at a very dangerous place that has sharks that bite you like 6 knives stabbing you. This isn't a good place to fish at but it has very good Kaimoana. After we had finished fishing we headed back home, but as we were going I accidently pushed my cousin Montey into the sea.
"Help! Help! Help me!" she cried.
OMG me and my cousins panicked. What should we do.
"Pull him up," I said. So we pulled her up and suddenly "Shckk" we heard a cracking noise. "Aaaahhhh! My leg," screamed Montey. We quickly pulled her up and saw her leg.
"What happened Montey?" I asked.
"A shark bit my poor leg."  I got my sweater and tied it around her leg.

We started the engine and headed back home, but we were out'a gas. Luckily I had my cellphone with me. So i dialed the Rescue Helicopter to come to our rescue.

1 hour later and we were still stuck, and my cousin was still very, very badly hurt. Then we looked up at the sky. "ITS OUR RESCUE," I cried. So the medicos Sharon and Brian came down to get us one by one.

Finally we were safe at home with our family. On the other hand Montey had to go hospital.

The moral of this story is to never go fishing in a dangerous place and to always take some spare gas for your engine.

By Felicity Mei


Loneliness is dark blue.
To my tongue it's sour milk that's been in the sun for days.
That stinky cheese you've had in the fridge for weeks.
A stray dog meandering down the streets.
A woman in a burning building screaming for help.
To me loneliness is horrifying. 

by Helem


Happiness is as bright as the sun.
Just like a huge pot of gold.
The air that symbolises the freshness of mint.
As if it is reflecting the sun.
Just like laughter filling peoples heart.
As if your dreams came true.

By Ofa

Friday, 4 June 2010

Miss Hansell's Longer Day Argument

I think Miss Hansell should not make the school day longer.

I have rugby training on a Wednesday evening.  I need time to get home, have a snack, relax, get changed and go to training.  If I don’t train, I don’t play on Saturday.

Teachers also need time to relax. If the school days are longer they would have to prepare more lessons for the class and they could get stressed and quit their job.

Then if the school days are longer little kids will cry and miss their mums.  I also have to get home and look after my 2 year old sister.

I won’t have much time to do my homework because the school day is longer. In my family we have to sleep at 7 o’clock so when school finishes late I may not be able to finish my homework and do further study on my lessons from school.

Miss Hansell I have chosen four very good reasons why you should not make the school day longer.  Miss Hansell please!!! Read my reasons carefully to help you make the right decision.

Your sincerely

Room 6

Should Miss Hansell make the school day longer?

I believe that Miss Hansell should not make the school day longer.

Firstly, I would never learn properly because I'd be too tired. I might not get a good education.

Secondly, I would find it very difficult to stay at school longer because if I try giving out more ideas every day, my mind will become blank. My ideas will be full of weak thinking.

Thirdly, I wouldn't find it easy if Miss Hansell made the school day longer because my family would need me to spend more time with them.

Fourthly, if I don't spend more time with my family, I'd miss out on fun things. What a shame!

Lastly, I would have to think more and more and that will be a pain.

Miss Hansell, I have shown you my 5 best reasons why you shouldn't  make the school day longer. I have given you my best reasons . So please think carefully about making the school day longer.

By Ofa

The Peter Jackson Story.

A long time ago on one spooky, wintery night when the moon was glowing, two boys called David and Aaron broke into an old abandoned school - St Mary's College. When they broke inside it was cold, damp and foggy. It was like they were in a movie.

David and Aaron walked along the corridor. Suddenly, they noticed some footprints leading towards the cafeteria.They were so curious to know where they lead  that they followed the footprints into the cafeteria. When they were inside, the door slammed shut and they saw thousands of broken mirrors. 

They thought that they were at a level in a game and the worst part was they had played this game before. It was the level in the game where they were in a cafeteria with thousands of mirrors and they were trapped with Peter Jackson and he was trying to kill them.  They had passed this level before and so they had a plan. They were in the game!

They had to hurry because Peter Jackson was right behind them. But they managed to get out. They found the exit and ran. They were heading for the door when Peter Jackson blocked the way. Aaron remembered the pepper spray that his dad always put in his pants pocket. He got it out and sprayed it all over Peter Jackson who melted away and became a memory.

David and Aaron left the school and went home.       
                                                                               By Keziah

Mona's Longer Day

I think Miss Hansell should not make the school day longer.

My class will be so tired that we won't have time to wake up early for school. Our class will be too tired to do some of the work that has been given to us. It will be good if the school day is not long so that we have enough time to sleep.

Teachers will be stressed because they will get home too late.Teachers will not able to do their planning for the next day's lessons.They will need to spend some time with their families too.

We also might miss the good times with our families, and some sad times, like a funeral. Some people might miss their fave aunties and uncles who are living in New Zealand. It will be so boring if we go home late, because there will be nothing to do and no one to look after us.

Miss Hansell think very hard about making the school days longer this year. We'll be very happy and excited if you don't make the school day longer.

by Mona

Worm Report.

Worms are small living creatures that live in soil. They are important to Tamaki Primary School because they help us grow our plants.

Worms look like little sticks. Even though they have no eyes they can still use their other four senses.They are slimy, skinny, creatures. Worms breathe through their skin, as long as they are moist.

Worms are not attracted to light. If they see light they will become very sick. However worms love to move towards new food. Most worms live in gardens. Worms love to live underground! It is dark and has no light.

Worms eat fruit scraps so long as they are not sour. Their favourite foods are pig manure, kitchen scraps, grass-clippings, wool and paper.

Now that Tamaki Primary School garden is full of worms, that can only mean one thing! Our garden is growing and growing  "yeah!"

If you can see the difference between having worms or not having them, you will know that your plants will grow better having them!

By Ofa

One Miss Head

It was a misty Saturday night and I was having a shower. Once I had finished showering I went into my bedroom to rest.

"OUCH!" I cried. I fell off my bed and hit the draw. My legs were tucked underneath the bed. Suddenly I felt something dripping down onto my soft shaking legs. I picked myself up off the floor to check what was dripping on my leg. "Ewww is that tomato sauce or BLOOD?" I squeaked.

I went downstairs to wash my leg.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh" I screamed. A head suddenly jumped out of the blue at me. I was screaming as loud as I could. It had no eyes, blood was leaking from its broken nose.

I ran downstairs with my heart pounding, my head spinning, my legs like rubber  and my eye was twitching. I was outside when I heard the wind whispering to me. It started to rain, so I figured that the head was just my imagination and I marched back inside.

I did not want to go back upstairs so I decided to sleep on the couch. Well, I was getting ready to sleep, when I heard a crack underneath the couch. I looked underneath.

"Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I was starting to get annoyed by the head and soooo freaked out. I was frightened and started to cry, but in my head I was thinking - "man I'm such a cry baby" and fainted.

The next morning I woke up in my bed with no blood on my legs. I realized that I was just dreaming "Pheow." I am so lucky. I got up and carried on with my day.

by Felicity Mei

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Keziah's famous Banana Cake recipe


16 T butter
1 1/2 C sugar
4 eggs
8 bananas
2 t baking soda
4 T hot milk
2 C flour
2 t baking powder


T tablespoon
t  teaspoon
C cup

Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time. Add the mashed bananas, mix well.Stir baking soda into the hot milk, add to mixture. Add the flour and baking powder, mix well. Put the mixture into your cake tin.

Bake at 180c for 25 - 35 minutes.

When the cake is cooked pull it out and let it cool down by taking it out of the tin and put it on a cake rack.

This cake is delicious with whipped cream. Just whip your cream up until it is light and fluffy.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Flags of New Zealand

The New Zealand flag is important to our country. It represents who we are and it shows our pride.

The New Zealand flag is made up of three main parts.
  1. The Union Jack; this means that we are part of the British Empire.
  2. The four red stars with the white border; this is the Southern Cross.
  3. The blue background; this tells everyone that we are an island nation surrounded by the sea.
Some people want the New Zealand Prime Minister to hold a referendum so that we can choose a new flag to represent us all.

The current New Zealand flag has been flying since 1902, but there were other flags before. There was the United Tribes of New Zealand from 1834 until 1840. Then there was the Union Jack flown from 1840 until 1902.

Recently there has been a new flag - the Tino Rangatiratanga flag which was flown this year officially with the New Zealand flag to mark Waitangi Day.

What are your thoughts?
Should New Zealand have a new Flag?
We would like to hear your comments.

This report was written by Ebenezzer, Heaven, Osaiasi, Lika, Tevita, Teresa-Mae all members of reading group Mahy taken from School Journal Pt 1 No 1 2006


Friday, 30 April 2010

Millie - The Dog with Four Senses

Millie is a blind dog. She needs a guide person to help her. She also uses the four senses she has left to help her lead a good life.

Even though Millie can't see she can still hear. She hears all that goes on around her. She is also listening to her guide person telling her where she is going and to look out for things. Sometimes Millie can be walking toward a tree and her guide person will say "careful". This tells Millie that something is around her.

Whenever Millie walks to the park she knows that she is there because she feels the grass under her. As soon as she gets to the entrance she jumps because she knows there is a chain. She will jump even if the chain isn't there.

As strange as it may seem Millie can sense things around her. If she wants to know where her dog friends are she sniffs the air and smells the ground.

Millie can also lick things to know where she is, like her favourite flowers on the driveway.

Millie knows her way around her house and garden. She is able to remember where things are. Millie has a good memory. At the park she has made a mind map of the places she plays at.

Even though Millie is blind, she can still do a lot of things herself. But she does need her guide person to help her and love her.

This report was written by: Crystal, Ofa, Koi, Catalina, Livi and Sione - all of Duder reading group.
The report is based on a true story in 'School Journal Pt1 No1 2005'