Friday, 4 June 2010

Miss Hansell's Longer Day Argument

I think Miss Hansell should not make the school day longer.

I have rugby training on a Wednesday evening.  I need time to get home, have a snack, relax, get changed and go to training.  If I don’t train, I don’t play on Saturday.

Teachers also need time to relax. If the school days are longer they would have to prepare more lessons for the class and they could get stressed and quit their job.

Then if the school days are longer little kids will cry and miss their mums.  I also have to get home and look after my 2 year old sister.

I won’t have much time to do my homework because the school day is longer. In my family we have to sleep at 7 o’clock so when school finishes late I may not be able to finish my homework and do further study on my lessons from school.

Miss Hansell I have chosen four very good reasons why you should not make the school day longer.  Miss Hansell please!!! Read my reasons carefully to help you make the right decision.

Your sincerely

Room 6

Should Miss Hansell make the school day longer?

I believe that Miss Hansell should not make the school day longer.

Firstly, I would never learn properly because I'd be too tired. I might not get a good education.

Secondly, I would find it very difficult to stay at school longer because if I try giving out more ideas every day, my mind will become blank. My ideas will be full of weak thinking.

Thirdly, I wouldn't find it easy if Miss Hansell made the school day longer because my family would need me to spend more time with them.

Fourthly, if I don't spend more time with my family, I'd miss out on fun things. What a shame!

Lastly, I would have to think more and more and that will be a pain.

Miss Hansell, I have shown you my 5 best reasons why you shouldn't  make the school day longer. I have given you my best reasons . So please think carefully about making the school day longer.

By Ofa

The Peter Jackson Story.

A long time ago on one spooky, wintery night when the moon was glowing, two boys called David and Aaron broke into an old abandoned school - St Mary's College. When they broke inside it was cold, damp and foggy. It was like they were in a movie.

David and Aaron walked along the corridor. Suddenly, they noticed some footprints leading towards the cafeteria.They were so curious to know where they lead  that they followed the footprints into the cafeteria. When they were inside, the door slammed shut and they saw thousands of broken mirrors. 

They thought that they were at a level in a game and the worst part was they had played this game before. It was the level in the game where they were in a cafeteria with thousands of mirrors and they were trapped with Peter Jackson and he was trying to kill them.  They had passed this level before and so they had a plan. They were in the game!

They had to hurry because Peter Jackson was right behind them. But they managed to get out. They found the exit and ran. They were heading for the door when Peter Jackson blocked the way. Aaron remembered the pepper spray that his dad always put in his pants pocket. He got it out and sprayed it all over Peter Jackson who melted away and became a memory.

David and Aaron left the school and went home.       
                                                                               By Keziah

Mona's Longer Day

I think Miss Hansell should not make the school day longer.

My class will be so tired that we won't have time to wake up early for school. Our class will be too tired to do some of the work that has been given to us. It will be good if the school day is not long so that we have enough time to sleep.

Teachers will be stressed because they will get home too late.Teachers will not able to do their planning for the next day's lessons.They will need to spend some time with their families too.

We also might miss the good times with our families, and some sad times, like a funeral. Some people might miss their fave aunties and uncles who are living in New Zealand. It will be so boring if we go home late, because there will be nothing to do and no one to look after us.

Miss Hansell think very hard about making the school days longer this year. We'll be very happy and excited if you don't make the school day longer.

by Mona

Worm Report.

Worms are small living creatures that live in soil. They are important to Tamaki Primary School because they help us grow our plants.

Worms look like little sticks. Even though they have no eyes they can still use their other four senses.They are slimy, skinny, creatures. Worms breathe through their skin, as long as they are moist.

Worms are not attracted to light. If they see light they will become very sick. However worms love to move towards new food. Most worms live in gardens. Worms love to live underground! It is dark and has no light.

Worms eat fruit scraps so long as they are not sour. Their favourite foods are pig manure, kitchen scraps, grass-clippings, wool and paper.

Now that Tamaki Primary School garden is full of worms, that can only mean one thing! Our garden is growing and growing  "yeah!"

If you can see the difference between having worms or not having them, you will know that your plants will grow better having them!

By Ofa

One Miss Head

It was a misty Saturday night and I was having a shower. Once I had finished showering I went into my bedroom to rest.

"OUCH!" I cried. I fell off my bed and hit the draw. My legs were tucked underneath the bed. Suddenly I felt something dripping down onto my soft shaking legs. I picked myself up off the floor to check what was dripping on my leg. "Ewww is that tomato sauce or BLOOD?" I squeaked.

I went downstairs to wash my leg.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh" I screamed. A head suddenly jumped out of the blue at me. I was screaming as loud as I could. It had no eyes, blood was leaking from its broken nose.

I ran downstairs with my heart pounding, my head spinning, my legs like rubber  and my eye was twitching. I was outside when I heard the wind whispering to me. It started to rain, so I figured that the head was just my imagination and I marched back inside.

I did not want to go back upstairs so I decided to sleep on the couch. Well, I was getting ready to sleep, when I heard a crack underneath the couch. I looked underneath.

"Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I was starting to get annoyed by the head and soooo freaked out. I was frightened and started to cry, but in my head I was thinking - "man I'm such a cry baby" and fainted.

The next morning I woke up in my bed with no blood on my legs. I realized that I was just dreaming "Pheow." I am so lucky. I got up and carried on with my day.

by Felicity Mei