Monday, 29 February 2016

Saia - Fun Picnic Day

I shouted out to my friends,  "It was a fun day!". We wen ton the water slide. It was cool because there was a bouncy castle and there was a water slide. Then we went on the bouncy castle.
By Saia

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Teamwork in the classroom!

This morning we read a new book and then had to do three different follow up activities.
Although we were focusing on our literacy skills, we also had an overall focus on teamwork for the day. These are the three things we had to do -

In our teams, we took turns contributing ideas for each activity, collaborating in one document to share responsibility for our learning.

We then presented one activity from each group to the rest of our class. 

This way an awesome way to integrate our school values and class treaty into our daily learning. We always strive to work together well, respect each other and each others ideas, and try our very best.

Bike Riding!

This week in Room 6 was a first for a lot of things - first Fruit in Schools, first Milk in schools, first bike riding session of the year, first syndicate assembly, etc. 
We had a lot of fun learning to put our helmets on properly when we went bike riding on Tuesday, and two students even started learning how to ride a bike for the first time!

We have started discussing the idea of drinking water instead of fizzy drinks and sugary drinks, and how they impact your body and mind. We also do meditation everyday after lunchtime to focus our minds and get ready for learning again. 
Will keep you updated on how we go on this project! 

Monday, 15 February 2016

WALT find describing words about a character in our story

This week we have been learning about adjectives (aka describing words). We have learnt what they are, how to find them in a text and how to use them to describe a particular character.
On Monday and Tuesday, we did an activity where we used keyword adjectives (e.g. red scales, tall hat, long pointy nose, long sharp claws) to create sentences to describe a character. We chose two characters from our story, Room on the Broom written by Julia Donaldson - the witch and the dragon. 

Here are our key words
We then created sentences linking similar keywords and created informative sentences about the character.

Group: The witch

Group: The dragon

We created very interesting sentences such as...

The dragon was angry and frustrated because he couldn't eat the witch, so he was hungry.

The dragon stomps like a giant, roars like a lion and laughs like a hyena. (check out those similies!)

At the end we discussed with a buddy whether we thought we did achieve our WALT and our success criteria or not, because it is very important in room 6 that we are reflecting on our learning and are able to articulate it. 

Awesome lessons room 6! 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Room 6 2016!

Welcome to Room 6 blog! 
This is our class. We have 2 teachers and 21 students.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Class treaty

This is the class Treaty for Room 6. The koru patterns represent growth in learning. We promise to be a team and learn from our mistakes. We will respect each other and will try our best to achieve our goals.

Narrative writing

This week we have been writing about when we met a Gruffalo
Here is Alyssa's imaginative story.

When I met a Gruffalo

Once when I was strolling through the woods, I saw a giant Guffalo. It looked like a bear. It had orange eyes and they looked like fire. It had a black tongue that looked like a swirly snake. The giant Grufflao had purple prickles all over his back. It looked very grumpy and I was scared.
I looked straight into his eyes and screamed “ Help help! I am going to get eaten by a Gruffalo”. I thought quickly… And I called the animal control. I was so terrified that I shouted out loud and started to cry, but no one was there. The Gruffalo was following me in the woods.

The animal control came in five minutes and they got a big net. They grabbed the Gruffalo in the net and put him in a big truck. Then they took the Gruffalo to the zoo. Some time later I heard on the radio  that they have a new creature at the zoo and everyone went to the zoo to see ‘The Gruffalo’

By Alyssa

Welcome to Room 6!

Welcome to Room 6! 
Your teachers are Mrs. Sharma and Miss Ashley.
We are looking forward to teaching you this year and having a lot of fun along the way!