Monday, 15 February 2016

WALT find describing words about a character in our story

This week we have been learning about adjectives (aka describing words). We have learnt what they are, how to find them in a text and how to use them to describe a particular character.
On Monday and Tuesday, we did an activity where we used keyword adjectives (e.g. red scales, tall hat, long pointy nose, long sharp claws) to create sentences to describe a character. We chose two characters from our story, Room on the Broom written by Julia Donaldson - the witch and the dragon. 

Here are our key words
We then created sentences linking similar keywords and created informative sentences about the character.

Group: The witch

Group: The dragon

We created very interesting sentences such as...

The dragon was angry and frustrated because he couldn't eat the witch, so he was hungry.

The dragon stomps like a giant, roars like a lion and laughs like a hyena. (check out those similies!)

At the end we discussed with a buddy whether we thought we did achieve our WALT and our success criteria or not, because it is very important in room 6 that we are reflecting on our learning and are able to articulate it. 

Awesome lessons room 6! 

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