Monday, 9 May 2016

Hope T - At my aunts house

At my auntys house i went to the movies we watched was stuart little 2 with the mum Dub the little boy and the mouse when my aunty watched it she  side that movie was funny because  when the mouse turns into a cat and the cat turns into a mouse and the food that they ate was yum because! Then we went to eat and we ate mcDonalds then we went to the zoo. It was cool we saw a boy with a super hero costume.  We took for long  and my papa was waiting for me to go home.

I got tired and it was fun.

Hi Hope, I like you how you have added detail to your story like I suggested. You added what you ate for lunch (McDonalds). And you have corrected all your spelling mistakes! 
Well done.
Your next step is to remember to put your full stops and capital letters in the right places.
Miss Ashley

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