Wednesday, 4 May 2016

WALT think about our maths thinking

The whole of term 1 we talked everyday about sharing our thinking so we can help each other learn.
At first Room 6 was very shy to talk about our thinking, but we practice every single day so we can get better and more confident to share our ideas.

Today for maths Miss Ashley told us we had to think hard about how we were thinking. 

Miss Ashley showed us this picture for 5 seconds only, then she took it away. Then she asked us what we saw.. most students said "dots", but Miss Ashley asked us what shape we saw the dots in.

She was trying to get us to think about how we saw the dots, how it looked in our head.

Milan was the first person to share his thinking, and he said he saw the dots in the shape of a hexagon, with one dot left in the middle. Once one person started to share their thinking, EVERYBODY started to share their thinking.

Here is how we thought about and saw the dots.


Miss Ashley was so proud of Room 6, because EVERY student shared their maths thinking today.
Keep it up Room 6!

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