Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Water Campaign #2

This week, some of room 6 students went with Mrs Sharma to all the classes in the school and taught them the signs we made for harmony and peace.

Harmony               and                    Peace

Then we made posters to encourage people in our class, school and community to drink water.
Here are some photos of us drafting our posters and then making them!

On Thursday, Miss Ashley is going to take us to put some of our posters up around the school so we can teach others about how drinking water is good for us and how we should all drink water. 

And Mrs Sharma will take us around again to remind the students of TPS about peace and harmony, and we can put this into our movie about our school values!


  1. I like how you have drawed for your water poster.

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  3. i very love the way when you post our learning of water

  4. Hi Miss AshLey that is lovely and i like the way you told us what it is going to be

  5. Hi room6, I love how you are doing water posts so you could promote your posts.


  6. i love the way that you post about water in the school blogger miss Ashley & mrs Sharma.

  7. i love that you post the pictures of yous having a bottle of water at school


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