Thursday, 20 October 2016

Celebrations (Week 2!)

To continue with our Celebrations inquiry, we talked about celebrating ourselves..

Celebrating ourselves I hear you say... what???

Yes, we are worth celebrating!
We are smart, beautiful, hard-working students and deserve to be acknowledged.

On Tuesday, we brainstormed words that describe people...

We took photos of ourselves like this...

On Wednesday,  we printed the photos, cut out our heads and glued them onto a piece of paper.

We laid them out all around the classroom and took turns at each persons paper, thinking hard and writing something nice about that person.. something worth celebrating!

Here is what we came up with..

These are just a few.. to see every bodies pictures, click here.

It was so nice to see what other people thought about us. A lot of kids said things like 'I don't think I am (.....) but somebody said I am.. maybe I am (.....)?', 'I'm surprised that somebody wrote I am (.....)', 'I'm happy that somebody wrote I am (.....) because I have been trying very hard at that'.

The main point of this activity was for all of us to realise they have something about them that is worth celebrating! 


  1. I like what the people write about me. I didn't know I was funny

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  3. Kio Ra I am Daisy I really liked your photos. It is really cool how you guys had to write nice things about other people. How would you describe yourself if one of you guys had to write about yourself?

  4. kio ra i am izaiah i realy think your photo is funny i like seing that you know how to write properly.

  5. kio ra my name is izaiah i realy liked the part when you guys right handed with your hand i couldn't even do that

  6. i like how all our sahps they wehr cool


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