Monday, 21 November 2016

Sosaia's Reflection on today's fun activity

 Today, students from TPS had an education day called EOTC. In Tamaki Primaryś name, EOTC stands for Education outside the classroom.  Today the activities that we all participated in was Bowling and Lazer strike. It was fun because I was playing with my friends and we were shooting each other on the Laser Strike. What I liked about our trip we made is that I was trying to be respectful and helpful for my teacher Mrs. Sharma because it is her birthday today. Here are some photos above from where we were.


  1. Great reflection sosaia keep it up

  2. Hi Sosaia,
    I really like the way you added photos instead of making it boring and having just writing, I also enjoyed you detail that you did in your post and I also like the way you added photos of you guys doing laser strike and I also like the way you added photos from event instead of putting random photos on,
    Keep up the great work :D


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