Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Summer Learning Journey

Today a lady called Rachel came to talk to us about the Summer Learning Journey. 

Want to find out more about the Summer Learning Journey?
Have a look through these...

Being a part of the Summer Learning Journey will help you not to forget all the things you have learnt this year (especially in writing!), but it will also give you the chance to learn about new countries and meet new people. 
(And you might even win a goodie bag and smartphone...!!)

Note - students please talk to your parents before you sign up, as you need to discuss how they can support you in this decision. Do you have a laptop or computer at home to use? Do you have internet at home? If not, do you have your TLN password to use? Where is the closest library you could visit?

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  1. Kia ora Room 6!

    I hope that you are all having a good holiday break. I have been blogging with students as part of the Summer Learning Journey programme. We're having such a good time learning about the world, creating blogs and sharing them with our friends and family. Students from overseas are also reading our blogs and posting comments.

    We would love it if you would join us! To join, simply hop onto the Summer Learning Journey website, click the 'Weekly Activities' tab, choose an activity and post a blog about it. I will read your blog and post a comment! I will also give you points and bring you a certificate when school starts again. The most active bloggers are in to win cool prizes as well!

    Hope to see you online blogging with us soon :)

    Cheers, Rachel (and the Summer Learning Journey team)


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