Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Cultural Week! (Tuesday)

This week we are having an inquiry into our cultures.

Today we talked about what a culture is, different examples of cultures and what makes up a culture. We then split up into our cultural groups - we have a Tongan group, Samoan group and a Maori group. Our teachers, Mrs Sharma and Miss Ashley, brainstormed their own cultures which are Indian and Kiwi.

Then we presented the important things about our culture to the rest of our class. We did this so we can learn about each others cultures and learn from each other. This is our school value called Ako. 

Tomorrow we are going to use our brainstorms, and all the things we learnt about our own, and others cultures to learn more about ourselves!

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  1. Hi Room 6, I really like the way you guys added heaps of pictures, about Cultural Week. Also the way you guys added a detailed explanation.

    Keep the great work up

    - Losana


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