Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Falakika - Fun Picnic Day!

"Its so exciting!" shouted Hope L from the other side of the bumble bee hunt. There was such a huge line to the slide down the watery slippery wet slide. I was looking after Mrs Manyanne's baby dog. It was fun looking after Kalalila the whole time, I only went on the bouncey castle once then thats when I started looking after Kalila. When myself and Kalila went to where our bags were, there was Stanley's aunty with a big black dog that was trying to come to me and Kalila. Kalila was trying to run to it and bark at the same time. I heard from Caleb that Mrs Manyann' went down the slide, but the first time she stopped then the second time she didn't stop. Mrs Maryanne got wet and Kalila is cute, small, fast and likes to jump. At the end of the lovely fun day we were all happy and some of us were exhausted.
By Falakika

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