Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My culture!

 Following on from last week, today we wrote about our cultures and made a poster to show important things of our culture and our country. 

Here are some of Room 6 making their posters

We then presented them and hung them in our classroom for everybody to see!

It is important that we know about our culture as it influences so much of our lives. We are learning about our school values, Manakitanga, Whanaunatanga, Ako, Rangimarie and Tukumarie. By doing this activity, we learnt about each others cultures and so we learnt to show respect to each other, and be tolerant of each others differences. 


  1. I like how we use filling up peoples bucket because we help each other become happy.love it.

  2. HI R6 I like your the diffrent cultures.


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