Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hope L - Fun Picnic Day

"This is so exciting!" shouted Alyssa from the other side of me and I screamed out loud and said, "this is so amazing!". Then Angel told me to go with her on the slide and then Angel was at the front of the line then she went to the slide then it was my turn to slide then I waited for the teacher to tell me to go. I got wet from the hose then I went at the back of the line then Angel said I could go at the back of her then we went to the sand and we were looking for some bees then w went to the big cool bouncy castle and then she went back to the awesome slippery slide but I went to play the game called the amazing spongebob squeeze game. Then the cool fun day was finished and then the kids that got wet went to change in the toilets then the bell rang and we were still changing then when we were finished changing, we got out of the toilets and one of the boys told us that the bell went and then they all went outside and I went to get my lunch and my drink bottle and I went outisde and said goodbye to Alyssa and she said by to me. I went into the car and it was messy and dirty then we went home happy. We changed then played outside until my dad came home. Then it was getting darker then we need to go inside and eat then we went sleep and it was nice and warm. 
by Hope L

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