Thursday, 18 August 2016

Syndicate Olympics!

Today we had our syndicate Olympics. We have all been studying the Olympics all term and so we focused on the Olympic Values of Respect, Excellence and Friendship.

We moved from teacher to teacher, each who ran a different sports (Shot put, long jump, relays) and gave it all a go! The teachers decided not to award us first, second and third places, but to instead award students who showed the Olympic Values.

Check us out!






We had soo much fun at the syndicate Olympics and can't wait to do it all again for athletics next term!


  1. Hi room 6
    I really like your guys olympics.It looks great for Tamaki Primary School.COOL

  2. it was fun playing because there was lots on of peaple

  3. you are so good at playing olympics games and you got that award because you show the things that is respect,friendship and excellence.

  4. It was very fun and amazing and well done to everyone who showed the 3 values which are Excellence,Friendship and Respect.


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