Sunday, 28 August 2016

World Dog Day

Last Friday was 'World Dog day'. One of the teachers and our Principal both had their dogs at school. This Term we have learnt about how to keep ourselves safe around dogs. It was a great chance to see if students remembered it. As soon a King ( Dog's name) came to our class, some of the students stood in a tree position. They also remembered to pat the dog under the chin and on the chest and to do a ball sign to ask if it wanted them to stoke it.


  1. was it fun touching the dog how did it file. I'm not allowed to touch it

  2. i love the way room 6 came to tach the dog they did not fight it was so cool and this is the best class i ever had i don't want to go to another class but room 6.

  3. hey King you are so cool like your mum.!


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