Thursday, 1 September 2016

Science Week - HUMAN BODY! (Thursday!)

Today we really focused on trying to create our models of the body. 

The end goal was to have something that kinda looks like this - 

Each organ has a 'flap' underneath it for students to write the function of each organ. 
For example - 

In the planning, this meant that each kid needed each organ, twice (essentially). This was a bit of a nightmare as it meant A LOT of paper, A LOT of cutting, A LOT of laminating, A LOT of rubbish covering the classroom floor. 

But, we did it! 

Here are two kids with Miss Ashley showing off one finished body, as well as the app Anatomy 4D we used to look at the heart in detail. We posed for this photo for Paula (the lady who recommended the app, so she could go and share what we had done with her peers - go us!)

These two photos are screenshots from a video, hence the questionable quality, but they show the kind of 'flap' notion. The organs are layered in the order they are anatomically - ribcage protecting lungs, heart inside of that, pancreas and liver sort of in front of stomach/kidneys, bladder underneath intestines, etc. So for Falakika (above) to show the lungs to talk about them, she had to move the ribcage out the way! Hiria (below) had to lift the skull to show off the brain.

It was so weird for it to be normal to call across the class things like "have you written on your organs yet?", "who has a spare kidney?", "if you have finished cutting up your body parts come here please", "you need three lungs!", "have you got your brain with you?" etc etc.  So weird, but at the same time, so awesome that the kids were on board and knew exactly what I was talking about all the time. 

It was a VEEEEEEEERRRY stressful day, but, we got there in the end!


  1. room 6 you have lots of idea about you are taking about it is so amazing to see you are saying lots of ideas keep it up ka pa

  2. hi guys i like your human body that you made and i love your videos that you did of your body and it is so beautiful and awesome i love it.

  3. i like the way you write things so we can know what it is.

  4. miss it was super fun making the body when I showed it to ,my bad he said WOW! who made it I said me but miss helped me

  5. very very cool but next time put it in a folead


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